This domain name is currently in use for purposes other than web
presence; however, if you would like to buy this domain name, send
an e-mail to gdad02@ksils.com.

  Include in your msg a valid POC name, contact e-mail, and phone
number.  Also include your best offer price because you only get one
chance.  If you feel that telling me the reason you want the domain
name will justify your offer price, by all means share.  It may make
a difference to me (though unlikely), and I like a good story as much
as the next person.

   For what it's worth, if you think it clever dealmaking to ask me what
I want for the domain name, or you plan to make a second unsolicited
offer if I say no, save yourself the time: the price in both cases will be
a firm USD$49,999.99 paid via bank-transfer.  I'm not unreasonable, I'm
just not looking to sell the domain name, and I really hate sales games.

   You know what you can afford, so make an offer of cash or goods
(I'm currently only interested in newer Canon L-series lenses or better
than Canon 7D bodies).  Your offer may be enough, or I may offer an
alternative, but regardless, I'll respond quickly to all first requests
with a Yes, No, or Maybe.